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Other Journals for Ancient World Studies in Australia and New Zealand

The Amphora Issue

The Amphora Issue is a publication for research in Ancient World Studies by Australian and Aotearoa/New Zealand postgraduate and early career researchers. As a regular issue of the Melbourne Historical Journal, The Amphora Issue is a peer-reviewed journal that is open to new approaches and aims to present original research to a wide and responsive readership.

Articles and queries may be submitted to The Amphora Issue editorial collective via email at For more information about Amphora, consult the website (


The Ancient History Bulletin


Ancient History: Resources for Teachers

AH:RfT is a publication of the Macquarie Ancient History Association. All articles in this journal are peer reviewed. It is intended to provide academic resources for the teaching of the Ancient History syllabus for the NSW Higher School Certificate. Articles centring on topics in this syllabus make up most of the content, but contributions on other aspects of the ancient world are welcome.



Classicum is a journal which appears twice per annum, containing various articles on topics of general interest on the classical world. It also features articles relating to the teaching of Latin and Greek, student essays and book reviews. It is a joint production of the Classical Association of New South Wales and the Classical Languages Teachers Association.


Mediterranean Archaeology

Mediterranean Archaeology is the official journal of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (AAIA), and is the Australian and New Zealand journal for the archaeology of the Mediterranean world.



Prudentia is a journal “devoted to the thought, literature and history of the ancient world, and to their tradition”, published by the Department of Classics and the Department of Philosophy in the University of Auckland, New Zealand.


Ramus: Critical Studies in Greek and Roman Literature

Ramus is a journal devoted to articles on the literature of the ancient Greek and Roman world, although in more recent times it has also featured articles on Greek and Roman art and reception studies. Every article is fully peer-reviewed by two anonymous referees. It appears twice a year, and in 2011 celebrated its 40th anniversary.



Scholia features critical and pedagogical articles on a diverse range of subjects dealing with classical antiquity, including late antique, medieval, Renaissance and early modern studies related to the classical tradition. It also includes review articles, reviews and other sections dealing with classics.


The ASCS Journal
Antichthon Journal